Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review (4.5/5)


Happy New Year! My gift to you readers to usher in the new year are 2 movie reviews which are published on the same day! Here's another movie review which I did some time ago on Facebook too. This time, it's The Dark Knight Rises, possibly one of my favourite movies of 2012. This movie delivers almost everything: a gripping story, superb action, meaningful character development, euphonious scores by Hans Zimmer and so much more. Take out that comfy couch of yours and have a good, long and enjoyable read. Enjoy!


The Dark Knight Rises is the final gunshot

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review (5/5)

Here's a movie review of the Amazing Spider-Man which I wrote and posted over on my Facebook a while ago. I thought it could make for some fresh content for you readers as I am still on a hiatus from blogging due to my hectic schedule. I was blown away by the movie and decided to watch it twice, initially in 2D Digital and again in 3D. After which, I made a mental note never to watch a movie more than once again in a cinema, due to the lack of anticipation and suspense which plays to the audience's enjoyment of the movie when watching it for the first time. Take that comfy couch of yours out again and enjoy!

Amazing Spider-man is the best movie which I’ve caught so far this year.