Thursday, January 03, 2013

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review (5/5)

Here's a movie review of the Amazing Spider-Man which I wrote and posted over on my Facebook a while ago. I thought it could make for some fresh content for you readers as I am still on a hiatus from blogging due to my hectic schedule. I was blown away by the movie and decided to watch it twice, initially in 2D Digital and again in 3D. After which, I made a mental note never to watch a movie more than once again in a cinema, due to the lack of anticipation and suspense which plays to the audience's enjoyment of the movie when watching it for the first time. Take that comfy couch of yours out again and enjoy!

Amazing Spider-man is the best movie which I’ve caught so far this year.
It is a fun and light-hearted movie which allows you to lean back on the comfortable cinema seat, rest your arms and enjoy it. It’s not the insane action-packed romp which keeps you teetering on the edge of your seat throughout. With the recent spate of exhilarating action movies such as The Avengers and The Hunger Games hitting cinemas, we have rarely been given the time for respite due to the rapid pace of these movies. Amazing Spider-man fires on all cylinders and it is a highly satisfying movie which bucks that trend.

This iteration of the Spider-man movie quells all my doubts and uncertainties over rebooting the successful franchise and does justice to it. From the beginning of the movie, we are introduced to a world of intrigue, of mystery and of secrets. We meet young Peter Parker, Uncle Ben and Aunt May and the origin of Spider-man is unveiled to us in such a bold and fresh fashion that leaves you in awe as to how they can transform such an old origin story to something so astoundingly new. The scenes when he discovers the full extent of his powers and embarks on the road to his crime-fighting career are packed with even doses of humour and jaw-gaping action. The classic Uncle Ben line, "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" is never heard once throughout the entire film.

The on-screen chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone is one of the best and the actors portray their characters very realistically, with such vividness and genuineness in their emotions and facial expressions. The touching moments of the movie will melt your heart and you will feel as if they resonate with you deeply. A high point is that Peter is actually represented authentically this time around. He is no longer the nerdy bespectacled wuss previously depicted in Sam Raimi’s trilogy. Instead, the movie chooses to stay true to the comics, characterising him as a smart and introverted young lad who harbours a high school crush on the sweet and affable Gwen Stacy.

Certainly, there is a shift in the tone of this Spider-man movie towards a darker and more serious one from the fun and jubilant tone seen in previous iterations. Spider-man does not dish out his iconic humorous quips as much when battling the Lizard. However, the carnage between the two compensates for it by delivering an epic high-tension climax towards the movie’s jarring conclusion, fuelled by guilt, fear and death. Rhys Ifans delivers an incredible performance as the psychotic scientist turned monstrous supervillian, Dr Curt Connors.

The cinematography, the videography and the visual effects of the movie all just fall into place wonderfully. The angles which showcase the titular hero fighting, web-swinging and humiliating criminals capture the essence of the moments brilliantly well. The movie is dazzling and mind-blowing, with bright, lush and vibrant colours dotting the New York skyline and cityscape. It is a happy and joyous movie which screams for your attention and it is a stunning visual spectacle to behold. The special effects in this movie are top-notch and the movie exercises the use of such effects in the appropriate scenes, such as showcasing the cutting-edge laboratories and facilities of Oscorp Tower.

The secret formulae behind the success and appeal of this movie are the techniques which director Marc Webb employ in its filming. Webb knocks it out of the park, allowing us to view Peter Parker from many different angles, from him being a superhero, a responsible citizen, an ordinary human, a vigilante, a Science genius and more. Spider-man is not just Spider-man. He is more than that and allowing the audience to observe him by casting him in various lights make for a great movie in terms of character development and plot threads. He is unlike any other invincible superheroes such as the Avengers; he has his strengths and pitfalls.

The meticulous framing of the many scenes in this movie tells me that it was produced to be screened and watched in 3D and I can only relish the thought of watching it a second time in 3D, in all its glory. Amazing Spider-man is a spectacular movie filled with numerous action sequences, coupled with an intriguing story and heartwarming moments. It is expertly seeded with plot threads and laced with character development throughout. It is an exemplary modern-day superhero movie and a laudable effort at injecting a breath of fresh air into the franchise. This is an exceptional movie that all should watch on the big screen. It is undoubtedly one not to be missed.

Directed by Marc Webb
Starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone & Rhys Ifans