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13 Cosplayers to Meet at AFA 2015!


What's an anime convention without cosplay?

The slate of announcements from the year's largest Japanese pop culture celebration, Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2015 continues with the reveal of an astounding 13 bedazzling cosplayers, a mix of both fresh and familiar faces, who will be making their way to the convention later this month. With so many cosplay guests, will you have the time to meet all of them?

Tomia (South Korea, Coscom guest)

Everyone's favourite cosplay of the year (Source)

If there was only one cosplayer we could meet at AFA, Tomia would be the one. Once a member of Korea's popular all-female cosplay group Spiral Cats, the stunning South Korean beauty will be here for only her second overseas convention. Be it in plain understated uniforms, fancy embellished dresses or intricate elaborate costumes, she is sure to catch your eye.

Classic sailor uniform is always good (Source)

Her astounding and true-to-life portrayals of various characters such as Minami Kotori (Love Live!) and Sakura Kinamoto (Cardcaptor Sakura) have won her a strong following among cosplayers and fans alike. We all know how popular Korean cosplayers are in Singapore, judging from Aza's massive legion of fans here so don't miss this rare opportunity to meet Tomia at AFA 2015 later this month!

Hai hai susume mada mada let's go (Source)

Otogi Nekomu (Japan)

Hush! (Source)

At XDantheManX Online, it's no secret that we like cute girls (and also events where you can interact with guests too, of course). Currently the hottest cosplayer in Japan, this aspiring mangaka (comic artist) melted the hearts of Indonesian fanboys at AFAID earlier this month and she will be coming for yours in three weeks!

Nekomu not in cosplay! (Source)

One thing's for sure, you'll want to be in line for her photo sessions later this month and so will we. Gosh, her cosplays are just so detailed and breathtaking, aren't they? In the meantime, you can admire her striking cosplays, watch her tour a Gunpla factory and take part in a ruffle for her smartphone wallpaper.

Detailed cosplays are no mean feats (Source)

Ely (Taiwan)

Ely as Sinon from the Sword Art Online series (Source)

A favourite of one of our friends, 2015 has really been Ely's year, seeing her participating in many overseas events. She has been to Malaysia thrice this year already and even made an appearance at Israel anime convention SummerCon. Taiwanese cosplayers such as Misa and Neneko have always been renowned for their quality cosplays and Ely is no exception!

Would you like some Yuudachi-poi instead? (Source)

Taiwan, South Korea and Japan- the holy trinity is finally complete now! Well-known for her many faithful portrayals of Sinon from the Sword Art Online series, she is set to charm and beguile many young hearts in Singapore later this month. We hear that her cosplay photobooks sell like hotcakes so don't forget to get yourself a copy before they're all snapped up!

Trick or treat? (Source)

Sansin (South Korea, Coscom guest)

Handsome... (Source)

Looking like a male but actually not one, Sansin is one of many female cosplayers who have taken to cross-playing male characters recently, in the likes Sakuya and King. In fact, it took us awhile for us to distinguish her true gender while looking at her remarkable cosplays of Gintoki (Gintama) and Zapp (Kekkai Sensen)... until we corroborated it with her Facebook profile.

Yeah, female confirmed.

Come on down and give her a warm welcome at AFA later this month!

What's your Blood Battle Technique? (Source)

JUN & NERU (Japan)

Now that's one super cool cosplay (Source)

Also here for the first time are Japanese cosplayers JUN & NERU, who have been making waves in Japan for their dashing renditions of male characters from FREE!, Touken Ranbu and Haikyuu! Need we say more? Meet these handsome princes princesses (We couldn't tell ourselves either!) at AFA later this month!

2015-the year of Touken Ranbu (Source)

KANAME☆ (Japan)

KANAME☆ as the smoking-hot Velnar from Chain Chronicles (Source)

Certainly in no need of any introduction, Singapore's favourite celebrity cosplayer and AFA's cosplay ambassador, KANAME☆ is back! He (yes, he) was here for CharaExpo earlier this year too. However, nothing's better than meeting your favourite person twice in a year, isn't it? Catch up and take a photo together for those who didn't get your chance to do so or take another one (he'll probably be coming in a different costume) at AFA later this month!

KANAME☆ with cosplayer Sin Izumi and fans at CharaExpo earlier this year (Source)

Siutao (Hong Kong)

This cosplay of Sendai Kai Ni is just perfect (Source)

Speaking of returning cosplayers, Hong Kong cosplayer Siutao makes her comeback to Singapore barely a few months after the recent Icexpo cosplay meet in July. The response must've been so overwhelming that the organisers have invited her back again! We wonder what costume she will be donning this time! Shimakaze? Sendai Kai Ni? That blonde in Owari no Seraph (what's her name- Mitsubaa)? Guess we'll only find out at AFA 2015 later this month!

Maybe Yuki Nagato? How did you enjoy the new Haruhi anime? (Source)

Angie (Malaysia)

For all the Shigatsu lovers out there (Source)

Angie was first discovered as a Moe Moe Kyun meido at AFA Malaysia in 2012 and has been invited to grace many events in Southeast Asia ever since. Her amiable disposition and meticulous cosplays have garnered her many admirers in the region. She continues to defy expectations by putting out many astonishing depictions of new characters season after anime season. Meet the cute and humble Angie at AFA later this month!

Meet the cute and amiable Angie at AFA this month! (Source)

Ying Tze (Malaysia)

Getting into personality (Source)

A close friend of Angie, Ying Tze is famous for her self-made cosplays of many strong and feminine characters. Standing at 176cm tall, she easily towers over many girls and even guys. Have you caught her latest Prison School cosplay yet? Just don't ask her to do what some fans asked Japanese cosplayer Saku to do when she was down for STGCC. Meet Ying Tze in person at AFA in three weeks!

We hear that there are many Shiburin fans in Singapore (Source)

Liui (Philippines, Coscom guest)

Who's ready for some Big Hero 6? (Source)

He came to Singapore twice for The Capital of Cosplay and Cosfest Christmas last year and he's back again! The envy of many young girls for his flawless features, the dashing Liui Aquino would fit perfectly into many's profile of a Prince Charming. Want to know how to train a dragon or build your very own Baymax? Try asking this Phillipines heartthrob when you meet him at AFA later this month!

Guess all these dragons have been transfixed by his charm too (Source)

Baozi & Hana (China, Saiko+ guest)

Meet Baozi and Hana (Source)

A hit with the girls, Chinese charmers Baozi and Hana first stole the hearts of many at Funan Anime Matsuri last year. Their cosplays of popular male characters in various states of heat have drawn them much adulation from throngs of young female fans who find them cute. Word has it that they are also a couple in real life too! Find out what the hype about these two is all about in person at AFA later this month!

The hype is real (Source)

With 13 talented cosplayers from 7 countries hitting our shores, AFA 2015 is set to be both a visual feast and a great cultural exchange platform for cosplayers and anime lovers alike. Head on down to meet and interact with your favourite cosplay personalities from 27 to 29 November at Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre this month!

The culmination of a packed year of events, AFA is set to have fans rushing for their wallets, with its spectacular I Love Anisong Reboot concert lineup, featuring all new artistes never-before-seen in Singapore from the likes of Aimer, Lia, Maaya Uchida, ZAQ and nano. More exciting announcements are set to come in the coming weeks so keep checking XDantheManX Online and like our Facebook page for updates!

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