Sunday, December 14, 2014

Wake Up, Girls! Movie Sequel Announced!

The official Twitter account of Sendai idol group Wake Up, Girls! has announced that a long-awaited movie sequel to the heartwarming anime movie and TV series of last winter has been greenlit for release in 2015. The announcement was made at the end of the 『Wake Up, Girls!Festa.2014 Winter ~Wake Up, Girls!VS I-1club~』 event held at the Makuhari Messe today.

Wake Up, Girls! 2 Project

At present, there is no official title for the sequel movie. The working title is "Wake Up, Girls! Sequel Movie". An official site for the movie has been launched at, along with the official WUG! Portal, a central one-stop site bringing together all the news and content regarding the Wake Up, Girls! TV series, events, blog, radio and more.

WUG! VS I-1club at Wake Up, Girls! Festa.2014 Winter

Yutaka Yamamoto returns as director, along with Satoru Kōsaki (MONACA) as music composer, Touko Machida as writer and Sunao Chikaoka as character designer. Studio Ordet will be producing the anime by themselves this time while DIVE II entertainment will be working on music production once again. The seven voice actresses who make up Wake Up, Girls! will return to voice their characters. No additional cast have been announced as of now.

avex pictures has released a teaser for the movie. Details are vague but it seems that the girls are hitting the big time this time, following their journey to the Idol Festival, with group leader Yoshino sporting a new short hairstyle and standing in front of the symbolic Tokyo Dome.

WUG! in their new 7 Girls' War costume, together with the I-1club members

With the first movie and TV series being well-received among many anime viewers, many eyes are surely fixed on this sequel to see where this small group of young, hardworking idols will set their feet upon next.

I-1club members making their debut as a unit!

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