Tuesday, July 28, 2015

LiSA in Singapore 2015 Part 2: Airport Welcome


A huge crowd of ardent supporters awaited LiSA at the airport

Previously, each of us shared about how we all first heard of LiSA. We asked some fans in the LiSA Singapore Fan Club about their own experiences and we found out that most of them got to know her through the anime Angel Beats too, similar to us. In this edition, we take a look at how her fans welcomed her the day before her concert after arriving at Changi Airport.

LiSA in Singapore 2015
Part 1: The Beginning
Part 2: Airport Welcome  
Part 3: An Unforgettable Concert


Fans welcoming LiSA after her arrival at Changi Airport(Credits: LiSA Singapore Fan Club)

(Continued from LiSA in Singapore 2015 Part 1: The Beginning)

That was how we both got to know LiSA and came to love her songs. I think that each of us who attended the concert would have our own special stories in which we came to know her. We would love to go straight to talking about the concert but before that, let's look back at the events on the day before the concert.

LiSA taking a group photo with fans at the airport
(Credits: LiSA Singapore Fan Group)

Photos taken by LiSAkkos from the LiSA Singapore Fan Group:

LiSA greeting her fans at the airport

Smiles always

Sharing a moment outside the airport

Organisers Japan Music Festival must have known that the LiSAkkos in Singapore were an ardent bunch and wanting to make LiSA's first solo concert memorable for both the fans and her, they released her flight arrival information on Friday, which no doubt sent the fans into a frenzy. We did not head down to Changi Airport but we followed the happenings on Facebook and Twitter.

Organisers Japan Music Festival released LiSA's flight arrival information on Friday

#JMF15 LiSA's arriving flight announcement.LiSA will be arriving in Singapore this Friday, 17 July via flight JL37. If...
Posted by JMF - Japan Music Festival on Tuesday, 14 July 2015

LiSA herself was moved by the warm welcome she received at the airport

Arrived in Singapore today to such a warm welcome! Thank youuuu!!! I'm back!!! See you tomorrow!!!今天抵達新加坡,受到了熱鬧的歡迎!謝謝大家!我回來了!!!明天見!!!
Posted by LiSA on Friday, 17 July 2015

One of our friends managed to take a selfie with LiSA when she wandered into the arrival hall, where fans from the LiSA Singapore Fan Club were eagerly awaiting. Boy, were we green with envy!

Posted by Carlvin Malicsi on Friday, 17 July 2015

She was delighted that she received such a warm welcome upon her arrival in Singapore and took a few group pictures together with the fans. Fans also passed her gifts and made a long banner for her with the words, “Okaerinasai, LiSA! (Welcome home, LiSA!)” It was indeed heartwarming to see Singapore greeting her with such passion and excitement and made her feel truly at home.

Fans from the LiSA Singapore Fan Group together with the banner they had made for her


Moving on to the concert, we reached Sentosa around four in the afternoon on Saturday. Some of the concert merchandise were already sold out, including LiSA’s Launcher album, which came with a free special signed postcard that Eugene had wanted to buy. She sure is popular, isn’t she? We saw many excited LiSA fans waiting outside the Resorts World Theatre, chatting animatedly.

Fans assembling outside Resorts World Theatre for LiSA's concert

Several members of her fan club were handing out printouts of the lyrics to her song “Itsuka no Tegami”, which they planned to rally all the concert-goers into singing before her encore segment.

After entering the theatre around 6pm, we waited and waited and there was still no sight of LiSA at 6.30pm. Finally...

Stay tuned for Part 3: The Concert Experience!

Part 3: An Unforgettable Concert

LiSA in Singapore 2015
Part 1: The Beginning
Part 2: Airport Welcome
Part 3: An Unforgettable Concert