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All you Need to Know About ICEXPO 2015: 11th & 12th July


CharaExpo was just over last month. Here comes Icexpo this week. What's with all the Expos? Confused? ICEXPO 2015 is a new and novel cosplay event where you can get to engage in cultural exchanges with your favourite cosplayers from Asia. Misa (Taiwan), Luffy (Hong Kong) and Sakuya (Japan) are just some of the notable names who you will get to meet at Icexpo this coming weekend.

UPDATE: Check out our coverage of Icexpo here!

With the event fast approaching, we have no time to lose writing long, wordy posts trying to challenge our readers' attention span. Therefore, let's move on to what's important- the one question that's on everyone's mind- "WHAT IS ICEXPO 2015?" The location where it will be happening at, the activities which you can join in, the cool merchandise on offer and what you stand to gain out of Icexpo- why you should come to Icexpo 2015- everything presented to you in one, easy-to-read guide!


ICEXPO 2015 is taking place this weekend at *SCAPE The Ground Theatre (Level 2) on Saturday, 11th July and *SCAPE Tree Top (Level 5) on Sunday, 12th July! It is organised by the former organisers of the Cosmo Youth Parade and is supported by the National Youth Council, Singapore.

The event will be held from 9am to 7pm on Saturday and 11am to 4pm on Sunday so mark your calendars and be there early if you can!

  • Meet fellow like-minded pop culture lovers, make new friends and share your passions.
  • Engage in Cultural Exchange Sessions (both ticketed and open to the public) and speak to your favourite guest cosplayers from Asia in person.
  • Bring home goodies of the cosplayers you admire at the event. There will be merchandise such as postcards, posters and photo books on sale.
  • Take part in an open Harajuku Fashion Panel Talk and Discussion with Junnyan and join the Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore on the same day.
  • Catch performances by local Love Live! cover group A-LIVE and wotagei team Tengoku Parade at the ICEXPO Street Showcase on Saturday.
  • Pay a visit to the Love Live! themed Amai Sweet Cafe on Sunday featuring well-known cosplayers in the local community and guest cosplayer Luffy as Honoka!


Icexpo will see EIGHT eminent cosplayers from around Asia coming down to Singapore! This is one of the biggest gatherings of star cosplayers in Singapore yet!

Luffy (Hong Kong)

Olivie (Hong Kong)

Arisa (Hong Kong)

Misa (Taiwan)

Siutao (Hong Kong)

Shiraga (Taiwan)

Sakuya (Japan)

Shibuki (Japan)



Venue: *SCAPE The Ground Theatre (Level 2)

0900-1100: Exclusive Exchange (Ticketed)
1200-1400: Premiere Exchange (Ticketed)
1300-1500: Public Exchange (Free Entry)
1600-1700: Harajuku Fashion Forum
1700-1900: ICEXPO Street Showcase


Venue: *SCAPE Tree Top (Level 5)

1100-1600: Amai Sweet Cafe
1430-1600: Public Exchange at Amai Sweet Cafe


The cultural exchange sessions with the 'Eminent Eight' cosplayers are no doubt the main highlight of Icexpo. Participants can expect to engage in meaningful casual conversations with the guests in person and talk about anything they like, just like talking to a friend. It is something that has never really been attempted before, especially not at mega conventions and events in Singapore.

Yes, Misa! Did you guess it right? She is our last cosplay guest for ICEXPO and do come to ICEXPO to see them in person! Do check back our page for more updates of our event!
Posted by Icexpo on Sunday, 7 June 2015

Video message from Misa for Icexpo

The cultural exchange will be split into three two-hour long sessions on Saturday- the paid and ticketed Exclusive and Premiere exchanges and the free and open-to-all Public exchange.

Ticketed participants will be entitled to take photos with the guests. Icexpo event crew members will be on hand to assist in photo-taking using the fans' own phones or cameras. To ensure that everyone has a chance to interact with the guests, photo-taking is strictly limited to once per guest.

Yes yes! I've seen some guess are right! Lets welcome Siutao(小桃)! Isn‘t she adorable!
Posted by Icexpo on Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Siutao greeting Singaporean fans in Cantonese!

Guests may sign on the Guest Merchandise purchased on site for all fans. A maximum of 3 items are permitted to be signed on by each guest. Priority will be given to participants who have yet to interact with the guest. Kindly note that the free perks, door gifts and personal items are strictly not eligible for signatures. After interacting with any guest, participants will have to queue again to meet the next guest.

Shiraga des! Lets give her a warm welcome to ICEXPO as well as Singapore!
Posted by Icexpo on Friday, 5 June 2015

It's Shiraga's first time coming to Singapore!

It is to be noted that the Premiere Exchange and Public Exchange sessions will overlap from 1pm to 2pm. Ticketed holders are advised to come early for the Premiere Exchange session which will commence at 12pm. Nevertheless, there will be priority queues for ticket holders during the overlapping window.


The sale of tickets for the cultural exchange commenced in mid-June on the SISTIC Ticketing platform. As of 3rd July, online sales have ended. However, you may still purchase tickets on-site on the event day.

Tickets cost $15 each for the Exclusive Exchange from 9am to 11am and $10 each for the Premiere Exchange from 12pm to 2pm.

Expect additional free event items to be given out to ticket holders!

Among the perks listed for ticketed participants are:
  • Priority access to IceExpo. The Exclusive and Premiere exchanges are both scheduled earlier than the Public Exchange. (You'll have to wake up really early for the Exclusive exchange at 9am though)
  • Complimentary event lanyard
  • Free guests' photo postcards (4 pieces for Exclusive, 2 for Premiere, exclusive to ticket holders only)
  • $5-$10 Discount on Guest Merchandise
  • Photo-taking with guests and signature on up to 3 items by guests
  • Reservation of limited-stock items such as photo books and poster prints for ticket holders (60% of all for Exclusive and 40% of all for Premiere)
  • Additional Free event items will be given, while stocks last
Free guests' photo postcards, exclusive to ticket holders only

Tickets will have to be exchanged for a Registered Event Pass prior to entry for the respective cultural exchange sessions. An Event Pass Counter will be set-up on-site and it will open at 8am on Saturday morning. Members of the public attending the free Public Exchange will have to queue to receive an Attendee Event Pass. Event passes are to be worn at all times and are non-transferable (that means no lending your pass to your friend if he wants to meet Misa).

It's ultimately up to you to decide if the perks justify the costs. If you really like the cosplayers, it wouldn't hurt to get a ticket as it saves you time and money, and you get to purchase their merchandise first.


What's happening right after the cultural exchange sessions? The fun doesn't stop! Harajaku fashion lovers, get ready to meet Jun Nyan, the organiser of Harajuku Fashion Walk Japan! He will be hosting the Harajuku Fashion Forum on stage at *SCAPE Ground Theatre (Level 2) in the afternoon, from 4pm onwards. More details are available on the official event page.

Jun Nyan, organiser of Harajuku Fashion Walk Japan (Photo:

The panel is of course, open to the public for free. Before his panel, Jun Nyan will be participating in the latest edition of the local Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore from 1pm to 3.30pm. The walk will kick off at the Merlion Park at 1pm and be making a stop at the National Museum at 2.30pm before continuing towards *SCAPE. Come dressed in your best and most flamboyant outfits!

The most recent edition of Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore, held every month! (Photo: HJFWS Facebook)


A street showcase will take place on Orchard Road from 5pm to 7pm to top off Icexpo's packed day of activities. At present, there is little information regarding the showcase on Saturday. We will update you on the latest as we get wind of it. However, you can expect it to turn Orchard Road into a cosplay runway similar to the one organised during Cosmo Youth Parade 2013.

Cosmo Youth Parade 2012, part of the SHINE Youth Festival at Orchard Road

Several local groups will be performing during the street showcase, namely local Love Live! cover group A-LIVE, Singapore's very own mobile maid cafe concept, Pika Pika Meido Cafe, wotagei group Tengoku Parade and J-POP cover band Ryuusei. Do head down and support them in your best cosplay!

Singapore's very own Love Live! cover group A-LIVE (Photo: A-LIVE Facebook)

Pika Pika Meido Cafe will be debuting a brand new costume and dance at Icexpo!

Tengoku Parade performing 恋の2-4-11

Ryuusei and friends (Photo: Ryuusei Facebook)


Things take a sweeter turn on Sunday as the day of activities begins slightly later at 11am, with new cosplay cafe Amai Sweet Cafe debuting at Icexpo. Cosplayers dressed as the school idols from Love Live! will be making up the cafe, including Singaporean cosplayer Kirisaki as Maki and guest cosplayer Luffy as Honoka.

Amai Sweet Cafe will be debuting at Icexpo!

The cafe will be welcoming their first wave of customers at 11am. They will be hosting five waves in total, with each wave commencing on the hour and lasting forty-five minutes. There will be several performances in the cafe throughout the five hours. The performance schedule is as follows:

1230: Singing Performance by Rin
1330: Dance Performance by Maki, Nico & Eli
1430: Singing Performance by Rin and Hanayo
1530: Final Performance

Thinking of where to have lunch on Sunday afternoon? Come on down!

In addition, there will be another Public Exchange with the guest cosplayers at the cafe from 2.30pm to 4pm. Details are hazy on this. We are unsure if only the cafe's customers will be able to interact with the guests or if the public are welcome to join in too. With the session being a Public Exchange, it implies that it is open to all members of the public. However, it would be rather impolite to infringe upon a cafe's operations during the same time too...

Meet Luffy as Honoka in Amai Sweet Cafe on Sunday!

The cafe staff's many cosplay merchandise will also be on sale at the cafe on Sunday. Do check out their Facebook page for more updates!

Rules and Regulations!Please follow them and make this a peaceful event for everyone :D
Posted by Amai Sweet Cafe on Thursday, 2 July 2015


Now that you know what will be going on at Icexpo, let's take a look at some of the interesting merchandise that you may bring home!

Luffy's photo book and posters will be on sale at Icexpo!

Most of the goods on sale will be Guest Merchandise from the invited cosplayers. There will be the usual assortment of postcard sets, photo books and posters on sale which ticketed exchange participants will be able to get at a lower price. The merchandise will be on sale at the *SCAPE Ground Theatre (Level 2) on Saturday, 11th July.

Click here to view all Guest Merchandise.

In addition, a limited edition Icexpo poster will be given out to the first 100 participants of each ticketed exchange session (Premiere/Exclusive) on Saturday so be in line early to get yours! Redemption will be made at the on-site Event Pass Counter which opens at 8am. The poster features photos of all the 'Eminent Eight' cosplay guests. It will also be on sale at $5 each. It is to be noted that more than 100 pieces may be actually given out on the day itself, subject to availability.

The first 100 in line for each ticketed exchange session will receive this poster for free!

An Icexpo collaboration T-shirt with Hong Kong character designer HuskyKevin's "Husky X 3" project will also be on sale at $35 on-site. Granted, it is a tad too pricey for me but do grab one if you like it!

An Icexpo collaboration T-shirt will also be on sale at $35, for those interested!

That's not all! Ticket holders, don't forget to collect your free Goodie Bag after exchanging your ticket for an event pass! Beauty salon Go60 has sponsored some vouchers for the participants. It seems that more details of the goodie bag contents will be revealed as Icexpo nears this weekend. We will update as soon as we get the latest.

One of the free gifts in the Icexpo goodie bag

Milkcow vouchers are in the goodie bag too!


Icexpo has set some house rules to ensure fairness to all participants and maintain a conducive environment at the event. In addition to the aforementioned rules regarding the redemption of tickets for event passes and cultural exchange sessions, here are some additional points to take note of:
  • Respect the guests. Please ask for permission from the guests before taking any photos. Flash photography is prohibited at all times. Form orderly queues to maximise interaction time with the guests.
  • Priority might be given to participants with exact payment for Guest Merchandise purchases. Participants are advised to come prepared with exact change.
  • Icexpo values the participants, together with their crews. Please adhere to instructions by the crew to ensure a positive event experience for everyone.
  • Your patience is appreciated during the Event. ICEXPO reserves the rights to adjust Perks and Entitlements for all Ticket Holders including providing a refund where applicable.


Seems like this turned out to be a longer post than planned. However, we hope that you have gained a better understanding of what Icexpo is all about and the activities that you may participate in over the weekend. If you have any questions, kindly message the Icexpo Facebook page.

The XDantheManX Online team will be attending the Icexpo Media Preview on Friday night so LIKE our Facebook page and FOLLOW us on Twitter for the latest updates and post-event coverage. We will also be doing our best to bring you the best coverage of the event so don't hesitate to leave your comments and suggestions below! Tell us what you would like to ask the guest cosplayers!

Until then, see you at Icexpo this Saturday and have a good week!