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Exclusive Interview with Rinahamu of BPM15Q in Singapore


Rinahamu of BPM15Q speaks about the duo's origins, goals and feelings about their first overseas performance in Singapore.

Japanese idol unit BPM15Q held their first overseas performance at the first Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival in Singapore over the weekend of 5 and 6 September. Idols Rinahamu and Nicamoq, who make up the duo, performed three self-produced songs tirelessly for a total of four times over two days.

Ever wondered what is BPM15Q? Who are they? What do they do? How did they come about? We find out the answers straight from Rinahamu, one-half of BPM15Q in a Tanoshii World exclusive interview.

Can you introduce yourself?


Hi! I'm Rinahamu, the strawberry princess! *makes a cute pose with right hand* Kira! (sound effect for sparkle)


What is the meaning behind the name, BPM15Q?


"BPM" (beats per minute) is the technical term used by DJs to measure the tempo of music while "15" (pronounced as "ichigo" in Japanese, which also means "strawberry") is an allusion to Rinahamu's title of "strawberry princess". "Q" (pronounced as "kyu") comes from NicamoQ. That was how we came up with the name.


How did the two of you meet?


I organise my own events called "HAMU FES" and I invited Nicamoq to perform at an event. It was there that we got to know each other and became good friends after that.


Why did you decide to become an idol?


When I was a child, I incredibly adored Tsukishima Kirari (main character of the anime "Kirarin Revolution"). That was when I first thought of being an idol.


If you were not an idol, what would you've been instead?


Umm...what would I be? *thinks for a second*... Lady Gaga!


What is BPM15Q working towards?


This is the first time BPM15Q is performing overseas (in Singapore). We'd love to come back here again and we will also try our best to perform at many, many more overseas events! Ganbarinahamu!
(a play on the word "Ganbarimasu", Japanese for "do our best" and her name "Rinahamu")


What is the most difficult thing about being an idol?




What is your best memory of being an idol?


Pertaining to the activities of BPM15Q, it was when we competed with other idols in the CHEERZ app for the opportunity to perform live in Singapore. At that time, to gather everyone's support to CHEER for us, we performed on the streets of Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku (all major cities in Tokyo) for an entire day. That was my most memorable time.


How did you feel when you performed in Singapore?


I was surprised that many fans could speak Japanese! In addition, I discovered a new way of enjoying live performances here (referring to the "eh wah eh wah" chant by the local fans). I'd like to bring it back to Tokyo and share it with everyone.

(Did you share it with everyone in Tokyo, Rinahamu?)


Were there any differences between BPM15Q's first performance overseas and those in Japan?初めての海外のパフォーマンスということで何か変わったことはありましたか?

For our first overseas performance, we changed costumes and debuted our new yukata-inspired costume incorporating elements of Japan.


What are BPM15Q's future goals after releasing your first single?


Our first single is scheduled for release in October. From September onwards, we will be starting a monthly live performance in Japan. Our main focus will be on doing our best to make this event a success first!


What message would you like to give to your fans in Singapore?


Hi, I am Rinahamu! Singapore is Saikou ("the best" in Japanese)! How can I express it in English... Delicious? Singapore is Saikou! (again) Yeah! Rinahamu will come back to Singapore so everyone, let's meet again in the future!

りなはむだよー。シンガポールサイコー!って英語でなんていうんだろ?Delicious? シンガポールサイコー! Yeah! またりなはむシンガポールに来るから、みんな次来たらまた会いに来てね。

Was Rinahamu hinting at her possible return at Anime Festival Asia in November then? Well, we'll never know but you can make it a reality by voting for her in the CHEERZ event for AFA 2015! Yes, CHEERZ will be coming to AFA 2015 and they will be bringing another idol unit along with them!

Rinahamu and other idols such as Stand-Up! Hearts' Yuyu Arata will be participating in the CHEERZ event for AFA 2015

That wraps our coverage of BPM15Q's first overseas live in Singapore. It has been an enthralling time following these Japanese idols from the start till the end and we are sure that everyone enjoyed themselves tremendously at their performance.

BPM15Q Live in Singapore

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