Friday, November 27, 2015

All the Autographs You Can Get at AFA 2015! Collect them ALL!


Gotta catch 'em all!

AFA 2015 starts tomorrow! What's the first thing to do when the doors open? Dash in and get every possible autograph you can get, of course! Ain't nothing better than meeting your favourite singers and voice actresses and getting your memorabilia signed by them personally! Here's XDantheManX Online's guide to ALL the autographs that you can get at AFA! Collect them all!

AFA 2015's Event Floor Map for your reference


No doubt the booth that everyone will be gunning for this AFA is Pony Canyon's, with the record label bringing in an impressive 7 singers for their first overseas P's Live concert on Saturday night.

Booth A86 will be where you can get tickets to autograph sessions at the mini stage for Maaya Uchida, Mimori Suzuko, Ayana Taketatsu, MICHI, Shiori Mikami, Yumiri Hanamori and Yurika Endo. Each purchase of each guest's CD will entitle you to a ticket for an autograph session of that guest.

Do note that Pony Canyon has a limited quota of tickets to be given out each day and the number of purchases by a single customer is limited. You may only get what you purchased at the booth autographed. However, that means that if you fail to get the ticket on any one day, you may try again the following day! It also means that tickets for Sunday's sessions will be distributed fairly over the three days!

The autograph session timings are as follows:

- Ayana Taketatsu & Shiori Mikami Autograph Session
Sunday, Nov 29, 3-3.45pm

- Suzuko Mimori & Maaya Uchida Autograph Session
Sunday, Nov 29, 5-5.45pm

- Pony Canyon Artists' (MICHI, Yumiri Hanamori and Yurika Endo) Talk, Mini Live and Autograph Session
Friday, 27 Nov,  10.30am-11:15am

Friday, 27 Nov,  2-2.45pm
Saturday, 28 Nov,  11.45am-12.30pm
Sunday, 29 Nov,  9.30am-10:15am


One of the greatest singers in the anisong industry, Lia has sung for numerous visual novels and boasts many hits to her name such as "Tori no Uta", "My Soul, Your Beats" and "Bravely You". The legendary singer will be hitting our shores for the very first time and here's your chance to get her autograph!

For every purchase of Lia's goods at 1st PLACE Official Shop "HACHIMAKI", you will receive a ticket for Lia's autograph session on Sunday, Nov 29 at 5pm. Do take note that Lia will only sign on goods purchased from the booth.

We are not sure if the tickets for the autograph session will be distributed over the three days too so if you're a huge Lia fan, you'd better rush down to Booth A122 when the doors open first thing tomorrow!

(UPDATE: A certain number of tickets have been alloted for each day so you don't have to worry!)


We know that Mimori Suzuko will already be holding an autograph session at the Mini Stage on Sunday for fans who purchase her CDs from the Pony Canyon booth. However, in the event of some unfortunate circumstances in which you are unable to secure a ticket, you may still meet her at the Bushiroad booth!

For purchases in a single receipt of S$60 or more, you will receive a ticket to a Meet and Greet session with Mimorin on Sunday, 29 Nov, from 2-3pm. She will personally hand you an exclusive postcard herself!

The good news is that the limited tickets will be distributed across all 3 days of AFA 2015. That means if you are unable to get it on the first day, you may try again on the following day too! If you really love Mimorin or if you think one autograph session is not enough, make sure to bust your wallet when the doors open first thing tomorrow at Booth A48!


Sony Music will be holding an autograph session for purchasers of any CHiCO with HoneyWorks and sana with HoneyWorks CD at their booth on Saturday, 28 Nov, from 3pm to 4pm. Every purchase will entitle you to a postcard and an autograph from the respective artistes.

The members of HoneyWorks and singers CHiCO and sana tend to keep their appearances in public to a minimum so if you don't want to miss this rare opportunity to get their signatures, do head on down to Booth A02 first thing in the morning tomorrow!

In addition, purchasers of CHiCO with HoneyWorks' new album, Sekai wa i ni michiteiru will also receive a Japan-exclusive poster.


Are you a trading card game enthusiast? Or maybe you just want to collect all the autographs you can at AFA. Well, getting this one is fairly easy. Simply spend $15 on Force of Will products at Booth A62 and you will receive an exclusive postcard with illustrator Matsurika Yoko's autograph on it!

If you admire her illustrations, head over to the Force of Will booth quickly tomorrow! Her autograph sessions will take place on Saturday, Nov 28, from 1.30pm to 2.30pm and on Sunday, Nov 29, from 4pm to 5pm.


Anisong singer May'n will be making an appearance at the NHK World booth this AFA 2015. We are uncertain if she will be there to talk about singing, participate in promotional activities or hold a meet and greet session. One thing's for sure- she will be there.

For more details, check out Booth A56 tomorrow. You probably won't have to rush down for this one unless she appears at 9am once the doors open.


Do you like young and handsome boys? Who can sing and dance too? The JUNON SUPERBOY ANOTHER PROJECT is coming to AFA and they will be bringing many attractive and good-looking Japanese guys along with them!

24 suave bachelors aged 15 to 21 (no joke, all twenty-four of them!) will be coming to steal your hearts! They will be holding a live showcase and handshake session at the Canon Mini Stage on Saturday, Nov 28, at 5.30pm so be prepared to scream your hearts out (and shake their hands)!

In addition, they will be waiting for you at the JUNON Booth (A211) at 12pm on Saturday, 28 Nov and 3pm on Sunday, 29 Nov. You won't want to keep them waiting, would you? You know what to do! Grab a copy of the JUNON magazine while you're there too, sure to be packed with pictures of many attractive young dudes inside.


Meet guest cosplayers Tomia, Sansin, Ely and Liui at the COSCOM Booth (A138) at the following timings. Each purchase entitle you to an autograph on the merchandise purchased, together with a photo with the guest cosplayer.

27 Nov Fri:
16:00-16:30 Ely
17:25-18:00 Tomia&Sansin
18:15-19:00 Liui

28 Nov Sat:
12:30-13:30 Tomia&Sansin
14:30-15:15 Liui
15:30-16:15 Ely

29 Nov Sun:
13:00-13:45 Ely
14:30-15:20 Liui
16:00-16:45 Tomia&Sansin


The meet and greet schedules for the remaining guest cosplayers are listed below. Expect to make a purchase at the AFA Shop booth (Booth A08) before attending their meet and greet session. The Canon booths are located in the area surrounding the Canon Mini Stage at the far right end of the exhibition area. The Autograph Booth... we're guessing it's at the AFA Shop, similar to last year.

Do take note that every guest cosplayer (with the exception of the Coscom-supported cosplayers) will be having a meet and greet at the mini stage, along with a photo-taking session at the Canon booths and an autograph session at the Autograph Booth (for those with merchandise on sale).

Some guest cosplayers will be making additional appearances at other booths too, such as Otogi Nekomu at the Daisuki booth (Booth A90) and Baozi and Hana (two very busy people...) at the SAIKO+ booth (Booth A141).


10:35 ~ 10:55 Meet & greet at Mini Stage
11:00 ~ 11:45 Photo-taking at Canon booths
13:50 ~ 14:45 Autograph session at Autograph Booth


13:00 ~ 13:20 Meet & greet at Mini Stage
13:25 ~ 14:10 Photo-taking at Canon booths
17:30 ~ 18:30 Autograph session at Autograph Booth


11:40 ~ 12:00 Meet & greet at Mini Stage
12:05 ~ 12:50 Photo-taking at Canon booths

Otogi Nekomu

12:30 ~ 12:50 Meet & greet at Mini Stage
12:55 ~ 13:40 Photo-taking at Canon booths
17:00 ~ 18:00 Meet & greet at Daisuki booth


17:25 ~ 17:45 Meet & greet at Mini Stage
17:50 ~ 18:35 Photo-taking at Canon booths

13:45 ~ 14:15 Meet & Greet at Aniplus Booth
16:30 ~ 17:00 Meet & Greet at Aniplus Booth
17:30 ~ 18:30 Autograph session at Autograph Booth 

Ying Tze

17:30 ~ 18:30 Autograph session at Autograph Booth

14:00 ~ 14:20 Meet & greet at Mini Stage
14:25 ~ 15:10 Photo-taking at Canon booths

Baozi and Hana
12:00 ~ 12:45 Cosplay All-stars Main Stage
13:30 ~ 14:30 SAIKO+ booth
15:30 ~ 16:30 SAIKO+ booth
17:30 ~ 18:30 SAIKO+ booth

11:30 ~ 12:30 SAIKO+ booth
13:45 ~ 14:45 SAIKO+ booth
15:45 ~ 16:45 SAIKO+ booth
17:05 ~ 17:25 Meet & greet at Mini Stage
17:30 ~ 18:15 Photo-taking at Canon booths

11:30 ~ 12:30 SAIKO+ booth
13:15 ~ 14:15 SAIKO+ booth
15:00 ~ 16:00 SAIKO+ booth

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