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DJ YURiA is Coming to AFA! Meet this Super-Cute Japanese Bunny Disc Jockey!


Source: DJ YURiA's Instagram

Going along with their all-new introduction of opening acts for this year's I Love Anisong Reboot concerts, AFA has announced super-hot Japanese EDM DJ, YURiA to open Sunday night's concert. "Wait- who's DJ YURiA? Is she an anisong DJ like Kazu?" you ask.

Fret not, the XDantheManX Online team has got you covered! The EDM disc jockey has been on our radar for some time ever since we chanced upon her Instagram profile a while back. Find out who this super-cute bunny-loving Japanese DJ is!

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Who is DJ YURiA?

One of the leading young DJs in Japan, DJ YURiA has graced the turntables of many top clubs in the land of the rising sun, including ageHa, Womb and Vision. In addition, she has built up a growing international reputation, with gigs at clubs and festivals in Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore (it ain't the first time she's on this island!), Shanghai, Guam and Hawaii already under her belt.

DJ YURiA will be coming to AFA 2015!

She is a renowned DJ of her own accord

She attracted widespread acclaim and attention with her compilation album "LOVE EDM - PARTY Queen - mixed by DJ YURiA" in December 2013, released by Japan's largest independent dance music label, "FARM RECORDS". The album remains one of the most popular mix albums in Japan today and she continues to receive invitations to spin at many top clubs and brand receptions.

LOVE EDM Party Queen mixed by DJ YURiA

She was dancing before she started spinning

Before she launched her DJ career in 2011, she worked as a background dancer for many artistes, performing on many big stages such as the Nippon Budokan, and in many large events including the Tokyo Game Show and NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen. She was also a former member of phenomenal five-girl dance unit HOUSE Nation Dancers (later renamed "5 SHIP"), appearing on TV Tokyo's "TOKYO DRIFT GIRLS" and "GIRLS PARTY".


YURiA appears at 1:09 - Wow, this video is seven years old!

She is certainly the eye candy

With a petite frame, svelte figure and that bubbly smile of hers, everything about her certainly screams "kawaii"! Not to mention the occasional cute costumes which she dons every now and then, the ever-cheerful DJ YURiA appears to be without a doubt, the life of the party.

Obligatory selfies

My anaconda don't-

She rang the bell!


Just a normal girl learning how to make soba

She loves bunnies a lot

Looking at the various bunny-inspired costumes and accessories she has donned, her love for the fast-running leaping mammal is certainly is no secret. Those embellishments of course, serve only to augment her naturally cute disposition. Don't we all just love rabbits bouncing around with their pointy ears?

With cute outfits like this, how can you say she's not cute?

Bunny strikes again!

Is it Halloween or is it Easter?

Incidentally, the anime Gochuumon no Usagi Desu ka (Is The Order A Rabbit??) is also one of the featured animes for AFA this year. We wonder if DJ YURiA will be making a surprise appearance on the AFA Stage. Maybe she could join the voice actresses of the anime together in a short performance segment.

She likes to eat and drink a lot

Often posting fancy photos of her delectable repasts on Instagram, she certainly loves and savours her food. She may look petite but she sure does eat a lot! She loves drinking too- and we mean alcohol- just look at all the liquor she consumes!


Indulging in some tonkatsu

That's one insanely huge bottle of liquor!

How does she stay looking so fine, you wonder? Well, that brings us to the next point...

She hits the gym and works out quite often too!

She exercises. When one's job as a DJ is partly dependent on keeping up appearances, we guess you can't afford to look in bad shape. Working out keeps her fit and maintains her enviable physique.

Look at those abs!

Probably explains why she can pose like this

She loves her parents

Every so often she posts pictures of her dining together with her parents on Instagram. From that, we can conclude that she is also a very filial daughter.

DJ YURiA with her parents

She is a brand ambassador for LOVE SHOT

DJ YURiA is often seen playing at many club events promoting the alcoholic jelly drink LOVE SHOT.  Unique in requiring two people to consume, it has revolutionised the Japanese clubbing scene. One blows and pushes the trapped jelly forward as the other sucks it in from the other end.

A poster promoting a LOVE SHOT event featuring DJ YURiA

You can see DJ YURiA in the video and a peek at how to LOVE SHOT

Don't get your hopes up though. We highly doubt there'll be any LOVE SHOTS on sale at AFA.

It takes two to LOVE SHOT

She is a fan of baseball

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in Japan, with two professional leagues and many more amateur ones existing all over Japan. Stadiums are packed to the gills on game days, with supporters cheering virtually non-stop throughout.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that DJ YURiA is an avid baseball fan too, as can be seen in the photos below where she sports a team jersey as a Carp Girl (female supporter of professional Japanese baseball team Hiroshima Toyo Carp).

DJ YURiA in a baseball jersey! Who would've thought?

To be honest, we totally made that up. We have no clue if she's really a baseball fan. The series of photos she posed in were for the CARP-girl-CARP site. Carp Girls became a national phenomenon in Japan though after the underfunded baseball team and its growing ardent female supporters made headlines.

Good looks aside, we're certain that the bunny-esque DJ has some incredible disc jockeying skills. After all, she is primarily here to open for the concert on Sunday night isn't she? You do not make your name in the DJ world going by appearances alone, do you? No doubt it is through sheer talent and hard work.

Promoting a radio programme

Not of legal age to enter a club? Can't party? Well, now you can at AFA! It will be DJ YURiA's first time spinning anisong hits and she's all psyched for the challenge. One thing's for sure though, she'll set you on fire!

That's right, people! Go clubbing with your camera phones!

With DJ YURiA coming to AFA, we wouldn't bet on the world-famous CYBERJAPAN DANCERS making their way here too, would we...

A surefire way to end AFA.. 

Catch DJ YURiA at the I Love Anisong Reboot concert on Sun, 29 Nov, together with GARNiDELiA, May'n, Lia, Mika Kobayashi featuring KAMUI and nano! Tickets are on sale from $58

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