Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nico Yazawa gets a Nendoroid from Good Smile Company on her birthday




Today is 22 July and it is Super Idol Nico Yazawa's birthday! Good Smile Company (ENGLISH) has released a preview of the Nico Yazawa Nendoroid, the first in a series of Love Live! μ's Nendoroids! It will be up for pre-order on 25/07!

Specifications: ABS & ATBC-PVC painted non-scaled action figure. Stand included.
Height: About 100mm
Distributor: Good Smile Company

There is no doubt among both fans of the anime Love Live! and its idol group μ's that Nico is the best idol in the group. Charming fans of all ages, young and old and even bedazzling critics, Nico is highly energetic and determined to make her dream of being an idol come true.

She is the life of the group, mischievous and cheeky, albeit showing genuine concern for her friends. She is also the President of the school's Idol Research Club, which played a pivotal role in the founding of μ's.

Let us take some time to savour the sweetness and cherish angel that is Nico Yazawa 矢澤にこ today and may she have a blast on her birthday!

Nico and Eli share a subtle but sweet moment in Season 1, Episode 12. Could the two be secret lovers, perhaps?

More pictures from Season 1 below!

Nico Yazawa's first appearance in the Love Live! School Idol Project anime

Nico sneakily watching μ's first performance, START:DASH



Now all we are waiting for is the release of Zurui yo Magnetic today (ずるいよMagnetic today), which is set to coincide with the release of Love Live! School Idol Project Second Season Blu-ray Volume 2.

The Nico X Maki ship can finally set sail on July 25, 2014.