Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's Official. Katou Megumi is the Best Girl of Winter 2015.

Katou Megumi, the Diadem of Winter for ISML 2015

The fans have spoken! Katou Megumi from Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (Saekano: How to Raise A Boring Girlfriend) has cemented her position as the best female character among all others appearing in the recently-concluded Winter 2015 anime season. In a heated and intense battle with Imperial Japanese Navy battlecruiser Kongou, the demure and often-unnoticed "plain Jane" has edged out the English-educated anthropomorphised warship by a mere 88 votes (2601-2513) to clinch the much-coveted Diadem of Winter in the International Saimoe League (ISML) 2015 Winter Seasonal Finals.

Katou Megumi

Often described by her classmate Aki Tomoya as a normal girl lacking in character, she was the main inspiration behind the eccentric but convicted Aki's resolve to make a dating sim game for Winter Comiket. Amongst the troves of two-dimensional girls who he encounters in the impassioned pursuit of his hobby daily, Aki was mesmerised when he had a serendipitous encounter with the plain-looking Megumi dressed in her one-piece summer dress with white beret. From that fateful day onwards, Aki was enamoured with her, smitten by her inexplicable allure.

Kongou and friends

Assembled in England and commissioned into service by Japan, the super-dreadnought Kongou spreads her infectious optimism and glee wherever she goes. Having a soft spot for the admiral, she often tries to win him over with her vivacity and zeal to little success. Despite her gaiety and jest, she can be competent and is always up to the task when the time calls for it. As the most senior and experienced among her Kongou-class sisters, she leads and mentors her younger siblings as they hunt down enemy vessels in daily missions around the Naval District. Her professionalism and unbridled enthusiasm makes her a respected member of the warship community.

Not all of them are competing in the Regular Season

Congratulations to Katou Megumi for earning the bragging rights to "Best Girl of Winter 2015"! Now that the preliminary rounds of voting for ISML are officially over, the curtains will be up for the Regular Season soon. In fact, the first round of voting for the Aquamarine Period begins in less than a month on Sunday, 7 June, at 1500 GMT. With a multitude of pulchritudinous two-dimensional (and might I add, lifeless and unintelligent) girls to choose from, from new faces such as Asada Shino and Sento Isuzu, veteran favourites such as the indefatigable Shana and Nakano Azusa, and half of the Love Live! school idols clamouring for your precious votes, this year's ISML looks set to be the most hair-raising and cutthroat ever.

This tusken raider's not taking part either

Of course, the voters of the International Saimoe League are just a small sample size and do not represent the entire anime-watching population so take this piece of news with a pinch of salt if you would like to and keep supporting your best girl!