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Eir Aoi ROCK THE WORLD!! Interview: Musical Influences, Soup Curry King And More


First world tour. Nippon Budokan concert. Fourth album release. 2015 has certainly been an extraordinary year for Eir Aoi.

One of the hottest singers in Japanese music today, the Hokkaido-born songstress with eleven singles to her name, has performed the theme songs to many hit animes, from the likes of Sword Art Online, Aldnoah.Zero and Kill la Kill, gaining a legion of fans worldwide for her magnificent voice.

Originally scheduled to make a stop in Singapore this October as part of her "ROCK THE WORLD" first world tour, the concert was postponed to next year because of air quality problems.

In an exclusive interview, XDantheManX Online speaks to her about everything from her musical influences, world tour highlights, fellow singer Ayano Mashiro to what you must try when in Hokkaido. Plus, find out which anime she would like to sing for next!

Finally Budokan concert is over!It passed by like a flash but it was a wonderful moment!!
Posted by Eir Aoi on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Finally achieving her lifelong dream of performing at the Nippon Budokan

What do you love most about being a singer?

I love that I'm able to sing and express my feelings through my songs. My greatest memory is October 19, 2011, the day when I had my major debut (with "MEMORIA", the ending theme for the anime Fate/Zero) four years ago.

What are some challenges which you face?

Writing songs can be quite the challenge. I'd like to write more of my own songs though!

What made you decide to pursue singing as a career?

Since I was young, singing has always been my favourite thing and being a singer has always been my biggest dream. I started uploading my songs onto the Internet (Eir Aoi was discovered through the popular Nico Nico Douga video-sharing site in Japan) and that has led me to where I am today.

Who are your musical influences?

Do As Infinity. (A Japanese pop and rock band signed to Avex Trax, formed in 1999 with vocalist Tomiko Van, guitarist Ryo Owatari and guitarist and composer Dai Nagao. They disbanded in September 2005 but reformed three years later, with the notable absence of composer Nagao.) I would love to collaborate with them in the future!

Eir Aoi had her major debut in 2011 with anime Fate/Zero's ending theme, "MEMORIA"

How do you feel about being so successful after your debut just four years ago, getting to sing for so many big animes and being able to perform all over the world?

Each of my precious dreams could only have come true because of all the people who have been supporting me. I wish that my gratitude will reach every one of my supporters.

Tell us more about your latest single, Shoegazer! What is it about?

It's a very catchy rock song paired with a melancholic Japanese melody. It's produced by HISASHI, the lead guitarist of Japanese rock band GLAY.

What do you think of when writing the lyrics to a song?

I often think of myself and my own feelings when I pen a song. Different songs have different messages. I hope that my feelings in the songs will be felt by every person who listens to them!

You have sung for so many huge animes such as Fate/Zero, Sword Art Online and Aldnoah.Zero. Are there any anime franchises or adaptations which you would like to sing for next?

I'd like to sing for "Tokyo Ghoul:re:", if I'm lucky enough to have the chance.

Eir Aoi released her 11th single, "Shoegazer" late last month

You're currently in the midst of your first world tour this year, touring 6 countries! Outside of that, you have also performed in many foreign lands including Thailand, Peru, Russia and Germany! Which is your favourite so far?

I cannot really choose one. However, my most memorable overseas experience was seeing a strangely-shaped flying fish in Singapore (any guesses?)!

How do you feel about Japanese culture spreading all over the world?

I'm so happy as a Japanese and I think that it's amazing!

Where would you like to perform in next?


Eir Aoi performing in Hong Kong for her first world tour "ROCK THE WORLD" (Source)

Let's get to know Eir Aoi a bit better! What are some things which you like to do during your free time?

I like to take walks, get a massage, cook and work out at the gym! I like playing video games too!

We know that you hail from Hokkaido, Japan. It seems like such a beautiful place and we've always wanted to travel there. What's one thing you'd recommend to fans to try there?

Soup curry king!! I used to frequent that place 8 times a week!!

Speaking of Hokkaido, fellow singer Ayano Mashiro, performed in Singapore earlier in June this year. Are both of you good friends?

Mashiron is one of my best friends. We hang out in my house together sometimes!

What would you have been if you were not a singer?

I would have been a nurse.

Eir Aoi recommends Soup Curry King if you're in Hokkaido (Source)

It will be your third time in Singapore with your upcoming performance! Could you share with us what you love about the country?

I love that Singapore is a place where I can feel "home". The people, the scenery and the food... everything is amazing here! I love the crabs here- they are great! And the mini Merlion at the Merlion Park- it's my favourite spot!

What can we expect from your upcoming "ROCK THE WORLD" concert here?

I'll try to create an atmosphere with my music where we can unite together and have lots of fun!

To end off, what will you be up to in the future?

In November (the interview was conducted in mid-October), I'll have a solo concert at Nippon Budokan, which has been my lifelong dream. In 2016, I'd like to go to countries that I haven't visited yet and regions in Japan where I've never been to before.

Eir Aoi with the mini Merlion, in a picture taken back in 2013 (Source)

Thank you to Eir Aoi and Sony Music Singapore for the interview opportunity!

We wish Eir Aoi all the best in her career and look forward to more electrifying songs from her in the future! 2015 has certainly been a very eventful year for Eir Aoi and 2016 can only be more spectacular!

Eir Aoi's latest single, "Shoegazer" is available for digital download via iTunes. Her "WORLD TOUR 2015 -ROCK THE WORLD!!- IN Singapore" concert has been rescheduled for Sat, 9 Jan 2016 so get your tickets if you haven't done so! Don't miss this chance to be captivated by her powerful vocals live!

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