Tuesday, December 22, 2015

$38 to Catch ELISA, Kamen Joshi & More Perform at ASCOT Singapore in January 2016



There's an anisong concert already planned for the first month of the new year!?

That's right! Get ready for an all-new anisong spectacle in January 2016! Featuring the return of Japanese singer ELISA, together with idol group Kamen Joshi and many other anisong legends in Singapore for the first time, ASCOT Singapore will be held at the Kallang Theatre on Friday, 29 January next year.

With tickets starting at an affordable $38 for a category 3 seat to a reasonable $88 for a category 1 seat, the organisers are certainly looking forward to sweeping many anime and Japanese music fans in the region.

A new anisong concert coming your way in 2016...

Organised by the International Artist Agency (IAA), an organisation supporting the overseas expansion of Japanese artists, the complete lineup includes singers NoB, Takayoshi Tanimoto, YOFFY from Psychic Lover and Japanese girl band hiJK.

IAA, based in Tokyo, Japan, has previously staged 2 editions of the ASCOT anime songs concert tour project in Shanghai and Hong Kong this year. The Hong Kong edition boasted an impressive line-up including anisong singers Haruna Luna, Shoko Nagakawa and ELISA.

ASCOT Hong Kong 2015 featured anisong singer Haruna Luna

The announcement for the Singapore leg of the concert was apparently confirmed in an announcement on idol group Kamen Joshi's blog at noon on 20 December, together with a link to the concert's official website. The concert has since been listed on singer ELISA's official website too.

Despite being formed only recently in 2013, Kamen Joshi (known as "Mask Girls" in English) has risen to be a hugely popular idol group in Japan, with over 2 million likes on their English Facebook page. Each member of the group dons a mask which veils their faces in official appearances.

Members of Kamen Joshi

Part of the Alice Project, an independent talent agency which manages "underground Japanese idols", the idol unit comprises of members from three other groups housed under the same agency, "Alice Juban", "Steam Girls" and "Armour Girls".

They are the first independent female artiste to achieve a number-one single in the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart with their third single "Genkidane", released in January this year. The well-marketed group, which just performed a solo concert at the Saitama Super Arena last month, is certainly one to keep your eyes on at the concert next month.

Kamen Joshi performing "GENKIDANE" at the Saitama Super Arena

No stranger to Singapore is Japanese singer ELISA, who is returning to the shores of this sunny little island after her last performance at Anime Festival Asia's I Love Anisong concert in 2013.

With hits such as "Dear My Friend: Mada Minu Mirai e" (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun), "Millenario" (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei) and most recently, "Eonian" (Expelled from Paradise) to her name, anime fans can definitely look forward to a captivating performance from this soulful singer next month.

"Eonian" by ELISA, from sci-fi anime movie Expelled from Paradise

Also on board for the concert next month is hiJK, a Japanese girl band that prides themselves on playing high-level real rock music. The group was formed by vocalist Yui Mugino and talented guitarists Jikki and Cizuru Segawa. Bassist Mana Iwanaga and drummer Chihori Matsushita joined the group later, completing the 5-member band.

Members of hiJK

Can you say you're not a fan of rock or girl bands? With bands such as SCANDAL and Silent Siren commanding a sizeable following in Singapore, hiJK is bound to win over many new fans among Japanese music lovers here.

Guitarist Jikki playing alongside renowned American bassist Billy Sheehan

Age is not a problem for Nobuo Yamada or NoB, the former lead singer of Japanese hard rock and heavy metal band Make-Up. With the band, he has recorded several songs for the original Saint Seiya anime including opening theme "Pegasus Fantasy" and closing theme "Blue Forever".

Still standing strong at 51 years of age, this anisong singer is set to give a riveting performance and enthrall fans both young and old in Singapore next month.

NoB sure has many fans in Brazil

Joining him is singer Takayoshi Tanimoto, who has sung for fan-favourite animes such as Dragon Ball Kai ("Dragon Soul" and "Yeah! Break! Care! Break!") and Zatch Bell ("Kimi ni Kono Koe ga Todokimasu you ni" and "Mienai Tsubasa").

Viewers of these classic animes, prepare yourselves for a nostalgic trip down memory lane next month!

Brazil certainly likes Takayoshi Tanimoto too

Lastly, YOFFY (Wada Yoshiyuki), one half of rock duo Psychic Lover, completes the line-up of performers for next month's ASCOT Singapore concert.

The duo is well-known for performing the opening and ending themes to Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger and Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, two entries in the long-running Super Sentai Japanese television series.

Psychic Lovers might be familiar to viewers of the Cardfight!! Vanguard anime series

The concert will be staged at the 1706-seat Kallang Theatre, a stone's throw away from Stadium MRT station. Previous events held at the venue include Cody's Simpson concert and Korean boy band GOT7's fan meet. Once Singapore's largest cinema in 1970, the theatre last underwent a renovation in 2011.

Interior of the Kallang Theatre

Tickets will go on sale at 12 noon on 24 December at the Global Tickets website.

With a diverse line-up of singers appealing to Japanese pop culture and music lovers both old and new and even an idol group (doesn't seem like they will stop coming to Singapore anytime soon), coupled with affordably-priced tickets, ASCOT Singapore is certainly one new anisong concert to look forward to next year.

ASCOT Singapore 2016
Friday, 29 January 2016
START: 20:00
Venue: Kallang Theatre
Tickets: $88, $58, $38

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