Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"Let's Stand Up!" Iketeru Hearts Unveils Music Video for Tsunku♂-Produced Debut Single


Idol group Iketeru Hearts has unveiled the music video for their debut single "Let's stand up!" on YouTube today.

The track, which releases on 10 February 2016, is written and composed by renowned record producer Tsunku♂, best known for producing highly-acclaimed idol group Morning Musume.

An upbeat and uplifting mid-tempo song, it evokes happy memories of the carefree days of youth, featuring the girls switching between their frilly dress costumes and casual wear as they dance to a colourful, glittery discotheque backdrop.

A fitting song to be played at a school graduation, edifying messages of following your dreams, never losing, keeping a smile on, staying happy and as one would expect no less, standing up are contained within.

Unlike many other idols, the cuteness of the girls is not over-emphasised. Instead, the focus of the video leans more towards their dancing talents. The dance was choreographed by Ayumi Takada, who has made a name for herself as an idol choreographer in recent years.

Granted, there are a few close-ups of each member striking a cute pose or two but they are employed throughout frugally, never inundating the viewer.


With a distinctively different appeal that sets it apart from most bubblegum pop idol groups, one that seeks to uplift rather than allure, the future is undoubtedly looking bright for Iketeru Hearts.

Release Information

"Let's stand up!" will retail in three editions, a 1852-yen DVD edition, and two 1111-yen Regular editions (Type A and Type B). Prices quoted are without tax. CD jacket images have not been released as of publication.

① DVD Edition (CD+DVD) YZPB-5060

1. Let's stand up!
(Lyrics/Composition: Tsunku / Arrangement: Masahiro Mizoguchi)

2. Shishin Kakutei 私信確定
(Lyrics/Composition: Chiyomaru Shikura / Arrangement: Shinichi Yuki)

3. Happy End ハッピーエンド (Ending theme of PS4/PS Vita game "Punchline")
(Lyrics: Tak4 / Composition: Mikihiro Hamada / Arrangement: Shinichi Yuki)

4/5/6. Off vocal tracks

1. "Let's stand up!" Music Clip
2. Moment of Major Debut! (special feature)
3. Making of "Let's stand up!" Music Clip

② Regular Edition Type A (CD) YZPB-5061
③ Regular Edition Type B (CD) YZPB-5062

1. Let's stand up!
2. Shishin Kakutei 私信確定
3/4. Off vocal tracks

Residents outside Japan may pre-order the single online via, CDJapan or HMV Online, all of which offer overseas shipping.

About Iketeru Hearts

Formed in January 2014, Iketeru Hearts, formerly known as Stand-Up! Hearts, were previously idol trainees under record label Stand-Up! Records. The label manages other idol groups including sister group Afilia Saga and Idol College.

After debuting in September last year, they performed covers of various anime songs and songs by sister idol group Afilia Saga under the label of "kenkyuusei" (idol trainees) at their live performances.

Afilia Saga has performed the opening themes to several animes such as "Neptune Sagashite" for Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation, "S・M・L☆" for Noukome and "Never say Never" for ISUCA.

Afilia Saga - "Neptune Sagashite"

Despite having yet to make their official debut, Iketeru Hearts has already performed outside of Japan twice, at Japan Expo in France in July and most recently, at Anime Festival Asia in Singapore in November this year, certainly a most impressive feat.

Iketeru Hearts performing on stage in Singapore

At their first anniversary concert in September earlier this year, it was announced that the group would be receiving a major debut in February 2016. With the announcement came the decision for a name change to Iketeru Hearts on 1 December, symbolising their promotion from trainees to professional idols.

More information on Iketeru Hearts is available on their official website. The idol group also hosts a radio program, "TAKE UR HEARTS", which may be streamed live every Thursday at 5pm (JST) on Shibuya Cross-FM.