Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ayano Mashiro's Weekend in Singapore in Photos


Anisong singer Ayano Mashiro was recently in Singapore for the inaugural CharaExpo anime convention on 20 and 21 June. We compiled a summary of the photos of her weekend in Singapore.

Despite her petite frame, the singer hailing from Hokkaido actually boasts a set of powerful vocals and is an extremely stunning performer on stage.

Departing for Singapore! 

Her impression of the Merlion, Singapore' national icon
Free day!
The relative closeness of her sketch with the real thing
Day 1 of CharaExpo (actually Day 0; you could tell she took it the day before, wearing the same shirt)
She signed her on her wall poster at the Sony booth the day before
Playing with Mameshiba water balloons at the dentsu booth
Trying out a high-res headphone at the Sony booth (I'm guessing the MDR-1RMK2 or MDR-10R
With voice actresses Aimi and Mikoi Sasaki (on Day 0, obviously)
First overseas live performance on stage
A photo with her many fans
Affirming her sisterhood with Kurosaki Maon
With voice actresses Aimi (again!) and Mikoi Sasaki
Striking a cute pose with her similarly cute pet/Mashirontier mascot Oishira
Day 2 of CharaExpo (aka Day 0)
Taking the day off to visit Gundam Docks!
Attacked by a Zaku! SAVE HER!!!
Oishira on a Zaku
Together with the leading authority on gyozas
Together with Japanese host Yoshida Hisanori
She bought a dress in Singapore!
And she wore it!
She went to Marina Bay Sands to take in the scenic Singapore city skyline!
I wouldn't be able to recognise her in that get-up
Her cuddly friend Oishira
Mango juice!
Apparently, the guests had some function near the building in the background. They took many pictures on Twitter.
Various sketches of the merlion
She ate some spicy Mee Rebus (and a salad with fruits)
Another picture taken by the BARKS team, on her first day
A photo taken by the great Mel Kishida (see that building in the background again?)

Isn't she just so adorable! It sure seems like she enjoyed herself tremendously on our little sunny island. She's really amiable as both a person and a singer, and she likes to get close to her fans. We welcome her back to Singapore anytime!

Check out our interview with her about first overseas live, her love for anime, Gundam and her hobbies here. Check back for our review of her live performance in the days ahead.

Photos taken from Ayano Mashiro's Twitter, and Mel Kishida's Twitter. All rights of the photos belong to their owners.

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