Thursday, June 04, 2015

Ayano Mashiro and Kurosaki Maon Have Dinner Together Before CharaExpo


Recently, Ayano Mashiro had dinner with fellow anisong singer Kurosaki Maon, who is also coming to Singapore for CharaExpo, amidst her busy schedule. In addition, she announced that she will be performing on both days of CharaExpo. She will be performing a mini-live at the Entertainment Stage at 2.40pm on June 20 and be participating in the Special Live Stage at 5.10pm on June 21.

The Hokkaido native is an up-and-rising singer who performed 「ideal white」, the opening for Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works and 「Vanilla Sky」, the opening for this season's Gunslinger Stratos anime.

Ayano Mashiro wrote on Twitter,

"Amidst my job, I manged to set aside some time to talk to Kurosaki Maon. We had a fun time in a lovely restaurant. Maon's inner radiance is amazing as an artist and even as a person. I am overjoyed to be able to perform beside her in Singapore and I will do my best!"

Here are some photos they took of their marvelous time together.
"Together with Kurosaki Maon-san! She is so kind and beautiful! It was a really enjoyable time!"
"Dinner with Ayano Mashiro-chan!"

Note the use of Japanese honorifics. How they address each other with "san" and "chan". Kurosaki Maon, born in 1988, is 27 this year while Ayano Mashiro's is estimated to be around 23 years of age.

The seafood salad Mashiro-chan had for dinner

Ayano Mashiro's singing has often been compared to songstress Eir Aoi as both possess incredibly powerful vocals. In fact, my first reaction when I heard 「Vanilla Sky」 was "Is this the song that Eir Aoi will be singing for this season's anime?" I was wrong and it turned out to be sung by Ayano Mashiro. Eir Aoi sang the Arslan Senki opening,「Lapis Lazuli」.


Eir Aoi's realisation when she finds out that she has a-

They have even performed in the same episode of LisAni! Studio before

They are described as alike in appearance and vocal prowess by many Japanese netizens. In fact, Mashiro had aspired to be like Eir Aoi when she was starting out and both girls are from Hokkaido. The two have even shared a common song composer in Fumio Yasuda.

Ayano Mashiro promotes her own Eir Aoi's album standing next to a promo of her own album

Ayano Mashiro and Eir Aoi - 2 singers with enrapturing voices

However, I feel that Ayano Mashiro and Eir Aoi, no matter how much the two have in common, have their own endearing factors. Though if you like one, you will probably love the other too. Don't miss Ayano Mashiro's first overseas live at CharaExpo in Singapore this June!