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What to Buy at CharaExpo Part 1: Love Live! & Cinderella Girls (UPDATED)


Time for more CharaExpo goodness in the lead-up to June 20th! Many Japanese exhibitors have announced the goods they will be bringing to Singapore, including exclusive Comiket merchandise and limited edition outside-of-Japan only items. Here's a rundown of what to bust your wallet on:


Bushiroad (Big Booth besides Card Game Area)

Bushiroad's Love Live! goods

My goodness, Bushiroad are really bringing a ton of merchandise with them this time. For starters, you can dry yourself after a hot bath with your favourite idols for $40 or study for tests together with the official school writing pads for $6 (don't forget the ball pen too, you'll need something to write with). Surprise your relatives by adorning your house with Love Live! tapestries to greet them as they step in; only $40 each. Get ready to eat $2 Filet-O-Fish everyday after CharaExpo until your school holidays end!

Banpresto (Booth F07)

Try your luck at the Love Live! Kyun-Kyun Sensation! Ichiban Kuji

With tickets sold out within days of its launch across the country, the Love Live! Kyun-Kyun Sensation! kuji is back! It's easy to see why this kuji is particularly popular. With every $12 spent, you stand a 25% starting chance of winning the top prize or an adorable chibi Kyun Kyara figure of one of Muse's members. Even if you fail, there is still a 34% certainty of scoring a rubber strap and a 41% probability of getting a watch to tell the time with or a cup to drink from- all practical and useful prizes.
Stand a chance to even sleep with all 9 girls with the Last Prize - a cushion

The prizes are more appealing than your average kuji. Furthermore, the probability only changes as more tickets are drawn and it might even sway in your favour. If you don't mind throwing away 12 dollars, try your luck at this.

XartsJapan Inc (Booth D11)

XartsJapan will be bringing in exclusive Kanda Matsuri and Love Live! collaboration merchandise to the event! For the unaware, Kanda Matsuri is one of the three most famous festivals in Japan, along with the Sanja Matsuri and the Sanno Matsuri. If you like the designs or just want to get something unique and different, booth D11 has many goods of the school idols decked out in miko outfits.

Personally, I would get the Kanda Matsuri x Love Live! Collaboration T-shirt if it's not too overpriced. It's something original compared to the torrent of merchandise out there. The design is also quite eye-catching- it's neither too elaborate nor simple to justify not buying it. If you're loaded, you might want to get the rubber straps too. They come in full colour and all 9 members just look so sweet in their enchanting miko outfits. The prices are very reasonable too!


Bandai Namco (Booth E01)

The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls singles will be on sale at CharaExpo

If the girls from Love Live! are not your type, maybe you'd prefer the high school darlings from Cinderella Girls? You can get selected iDOLM@STER merchandise as well as CDs of your favourite Shiburin or Shimamu (although the best girl is Ranko because she is voiced by none other than Maaya Uchida) at the Bandai Namco booth so head on down!


Some of the exclusive Idolmaster merchandise on sale at booth E01

In addition, a 4-piece clear file set and clear posters featuring the girls from the different Idolmaster series will be on sale at booth E01. Here's your chance to sleep in the same room with the girls! If you're into card-collecting, why not grab yourself the 11-piece Cinderella Girls autographed card set featuring character cards signed by all 15 voice actresses (yes, including Maaya Uchida)? Whether the cards are actually hand-signed remains a question; I guess you just have to find out during the event itself.

Bushiroad (Big Booth besides Card Game Area)

Bushiroad's The Idolmaster: Cinderella goods

Get reminders from your Cinderellas to complete your homework with the adorable pop-up post-it notes for only $10 or even show them off whenever you make a phone call with the multi mobile case at only $16! If you love the Hollywood-like fairytale idol anime that is Cinderella Girls (if not, watch Wake Up, Girls!), you're definitely in for a treat at CharaExpo.

Banpresto (Booth F07)

Local distributor Genesis Frontier will also be bringing in The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls ichiban kuji so get ready to bust your wallet! You stand a chance to hug the 15-year-old sweethearts from Evo! Revo! Generation! to sleep, display your love for them proudly by wearing a shirt and even dry yourself after a bath with towels embellished with their likenesses. There are also rubber straps (not too bad) and photo sets (useless) to bring home if you fail to win the top prizes. Start saving for CharaExpo and have a good time with these beautiful princesses with your money!

Cospa (Booth G01)

Early-release, event-exclusive, miss it and you'll regret it

Failed to get yourself the prize B shirt? Fret not, Cospa will be setting up shop at CharaExpo! What's more, they will be bringing in event-exclusive T-shirts that will be released early at CharaExpo! If you want to have once-in-a-lifetime bragging rights to wearing an officially-licensed anime shirt that's yet to be released in Japan, rush down to G01 to get yourself one! They'll all be gone before you know it. After all, they're exclusives after all, aren't they? Better yet, be the first in line and you can boast all about it to the envy of your Japanese Twitter followers.

Daisuki (Booth E04)

Win some free loot by absolutely doing nothing!

If you don't use fansubs (or operate a fansub group) or watch legally-licensed anime illegally (which I'm sure you don't), then you must have been streaming Cinderella Girls from, which for the unaware, is legal and completely free. Last I checked, it was only available for viewing on Daisuki as it is not broadcasted on any cable channel in Singapore. Therefore, if you're a fan of the anime, you probably have a account already!

Some of the amazing prizes you stand to win (taken from AFATH)

Good news! The Anime Consortium Japan will be promoting their free and legal anime-streaming service at CharaExpo. All you need to do is download the Daisuki mobile app, drop by their booth and show your proof of registration to the staff, and you get to participate in their free lottery! Who doesn't like free loot? Furthermore, since most of you already have an account, it shouldn't take more than five minutes to complete this simple activity.



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With that, we've come to the end of "What to Buy at CharaExpo" Part 1.

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Until then, enjoy this video of Japanese girls speaking in English:

CharaExpo 2015
20-21 June 2015
Singapore Expo Hall 7
Tickets: $6 (Early-bird)/$8 (On-site)

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