Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wake, Up Girls! New Single "Shoujo Koukyouku" Releasing August 26

Wake Up, Girls! new single,  Shoujo Koukyouku

Rejoice, WUGners! The Sendai idols' new single, "Shoujo Koukyouku" has been confirmed to be releasing on August 26th via their official Twitter page. It is the girls' long-awaited first new single in a year and a half.

The new single's release date was accidentally leaked on Rakuten earlier this week.

With the confirmation of the new single's release, we also get a new key visual for Wake Up, Girls! 2nd Live Tour. It appears that we'll be getting TWO new costumes, including the Shoujo Koukyoukyoku costume.

Now isn't that just simply joyous news for all the WUGners out there.