Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Wake Up, Girls Coming to Singapore's CharaExpo?


KonnichiWUG! With 17 days to go, the stage schedule for CharaExpo has been released. The line-up matches with the previously announced stage highlights. However, a notable addition is the Ultra Super Pictures Special Stage, which could feature Sendai idols Wake Up, Girls! performing live for the first time in Singapore. CharaExpo has yet to respond to our queries regarding this mysterious new inclusion at press time.

Ultra Super Pictures will be having a special stage event at CharaExpo

Some of Ultra Super Pictures' most well-known works are the anime series Black Rock Shooter, Kill la Kill, Arpeggio of Blue Steel and of course, Wake Up, Girls! Add to that the fact that they have no scheduled performances on the 21st and avex pictures, the management of Wake Up, Girls! is also an exhibitor at CharaExpo. With CharaExpo's statement that they still have a couple of unannounced guests, could the Sendai idol group be one of them?

Note: avex pictures is no longer exhibiting at CharaExpo with the latest update of the Floor Plan. Instead, Chara-Ani will have a larger booth at the convention. 
However, the Ultra Super Pictures Special Stage is still set to take place as scheduled. We are unaware of the contents of the stage programme.

The only event Wake Up, Girls! has performed at outside of Japan is Anime Central 2014, a surprisingly early overseas debut since their founding in 2013. The up-and-rising idols also performed their first live tour in Osaka, Sendai and Tokyo last August, in addition to performances at Tokyo Game Show 2014, Machi★Asobi and a collaboration with Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.

Wake Up, Girls! performing "7 Girls War" at their 1st Live Tour in Aug 2014

Could Singapore, with its thriving anime community (according to Bushiroad President Takaaki Kidani), be the next step to expanding their global presence in the footsteps of successful 9-member anime idol unit μ's as they continue to grow in popularity?

The girls all decked out in their new costumes for the "Wake Up, Girls! vs I-1 Club Winter Festa"

It would certainly be a welcome surprise to WUGners in Singapore and around the region if we could catch the seven girls perform live before their second Japan tour this August. From fan favourites such as Tachigare! and 7 Girls War to other upbeat songs such as 16-Sai no Agape, these hardworking idols are sure to stir the hearts of many with their live performances.

Emotions running high after the inaugural performance of their 1st Live Tour in Osaka

Ultra Super Pictures' Corporate PV

Ultra Super Pictures is actually a Japanese joint holding company established in 2011 by anime studios Sanzigen, Ordet, Trigger, Liden Films and Galaxy Graphics. Good Smile Company, Bushiroad and Nitroplus, who will all be exhibiting at CharaExpo, along with Max Factory and Pixiv are also members of the holding.

Comedy anime Yamada-Kun is one of the animes in Ultra Super Pictures' line-up

Even if Wake Up, Girls may not be coming to Singapore, you can be rest assured that Ultra Super Pictures will bring us an interesting and entertaining stage programme, with popular animes such as Kill la Kill and Little Witch Academia and current season favourites, Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches and Arslan Senki in their vast repertoire.

Have a picture of Minami modelling for Otayori Store's new WUG collaboration tees! She looks so cute in the last photo!

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