Monday, June 15, 2015

Wake Up, Girls' New Single Release Date Leaked! (CONFIRMED)


UPDATE: The new single has been confirmed for an August release. A jacket visual has been unveiled.

I am a huge fan of Wake Up, Girls! You can read how the anime changed my life here and more here. Therefore, when I got wind of news that the girls would be releasing a new single for 2015, I was no doubt ecstatic. Early last evening, eagle-eyed Japanese Twitter user posted a link to a new WUG August release in Sofmap's Rakuten store.

Avex Distribution
WAKE UP GIRLS! / Shoujo Koukyoukyoku (DVD Edition)

Avex Distribution is a subsidiary of Avex Pictures, which is the company behind the financing and production of the Wake Up, Girls! anime series, movies, and its idol activities. Sofmap is a reputable Japanese electronics retailer which also sells games, movies, artists' albums and other media.

DVD Edition clearly implies that multiple editions of Shoujo Koukyoukyoku (Girls Symphony) will be released. It could imply that it may be a DVD edition of a video release or a packaged-with-DVD single or album, which is common in Japan. Singles and albums are often sold in regular editions with the CDs only or together with DVDs which contain music videos or "Making of..." specials.

The listing for Wake Up, Girls' new single releasing on August 26th, on Sofmap's Rakuten online store

However, the category "音楽CD' clearly points to a song release. In addition, looking at the cost price of 1,800 yen, which is the norm for DVD editions of single releases in Japan these days, we can safely conclude that a new Wake Up, Girls! single set for August release is on the way. Furthermore, the product description clearly reads "DVD付 CD", which translates into "CD with DVD".

In addition, Sofmap has already begun accepting pre-orders (予約受付中) for the single on its Rakuten shop, lending further credibility to the possibility of a new single in August.

WUG after their performance at BLAZING SONIC

The news certainly does not come as a surprise, given that the first half of the Wake Up, Girls! Movie Sequel has been announced to air in September. It only makes sense for the idols to be singing new songs with the new movies and new singles to be released along with them. The sequel will see the indomitable girls taking their fight to the Tokyo Dome, ascending to the next stage in the idol world. The second half will air this December.

Wake Up, Girls! Zoku-hen teaser trailer

In the meantime, why not keep yourself occupied with WUG by getting a copy of their 1st Live Tour Blu-Ray? It features complete recordings of their 1st LIVE TOUR performance in Tokyo last August and the Wake Up Girls Festa.2014 Winter ~Wake Up, Girls! VS I-1club. In addition, you can even receive an exclusive 2L-sized original photo (or "tokuten" or "bromide" in Japanese) if you purchase the Limited Edition release.

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The August single release has yet to be confirmed by the Wake Up, Girls! official site or Twitter account. However, expect an announcement in the coming weeks, possibly at their first 2nd Live Tour performance in Osaka on July 20. Until then, keep checking XDantheManX Online for updates or you could subscribe to our e-mail newsletter (via the sidebar) too!

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