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Yanagi Nagi, Hachioji-P and livetune will return to Singapore this September! They will be performing alongside singer-model Anna Yano, J-POP duo CAPSULE and dance group TEMPURA KIDZ at the first MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL in Singapore. The line-up of performing artistes for the event's live concert was unveiled on its official Facebook page on 16 June.

UPDATE: We speculated about Shiina Pikarin's possible appearance way back in June. Guess what? The organisers have just confirmed today that she will be coming to Singapore for Moshi Moshi Nippon!

#moshimoshiSG Popular Popteen model Hikari Shiina (also known as Pikarin) joins our line-up at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON...
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The XDantheManX Online team can't wait to meet her! Read more about Pikarin in our article below.

kz (livetune) (Sunday)

livetune used to wear a hoodie when DJ-ing but has been showing his face in public more recently

livetune is one of my most respected music producers and DJs. Initially starting out as an indie Vocaloid producer, he has gone on to produce hit anisongs for ClariS, May'n and Yun*chi such as "irony", "Kyou ni Koiiro" and "CLICK". He is most famous for "Tell Your World", featuring Hatsune Miku. The song's music video has amassed more than 11 million views since its release and has even spawned a scale figure. He was previously invited to DJ at AFA 2013 and Comic Fiesta 2013 in the region.

livetune's "Pink or Black"featuring Hatsune Miku, a collaboration with Japanese comestics company Shu Uemura (English-subtitled)

Having caught his live set at STGCC 2013, I must attest that he is equally as talented at disc-jockeying as music producing. His performance was incredible- the atmosphere was teeming with zest and the crowd was bursting with energy. You wouldn't want to miss it. Add to that his extensive repertoire of top anisong and Vocaloid hits, there won't be many songs which you'll find yourself unfamiliar with. Catch him live at Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival and you can guarantee yourself a good time.

One of livetune's collaboration with a real artist - "Sukina Hito Dakara" featuring Shō Kiryūin from Golden Bomber

yanaginagi (Sunday)

Like an angel... Yanagi Nagi

Bursting into the anisong scene with Japanese band supercell's debut single, "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari", Yanagi Nagi has been enrapturing anisong fans around the world with her melodic and calming voice ever since. Since then, songs she has added to her repertory include the fan-favourite opening themes for the anime OreGairu and its sequel, and the ending themes to modern tear-jerker Nagi no Asukara. She last performed to a sellout crowd in Singapore at AFA last year and was most recently invited to perform at the inaugural Penang Anime Matsuri in Malaysia this year.

One of my favourite songs ♥ The music video is so sweet and touching too

Yanagi Nagi... words can't even describe her voice. It's so soothing, calming and heart-warming, just playing the song in your head can move you to tears. I managed to watch her breathtaking performance at the I Love Anisong concert last year and she was exceptionally shining on stage, no doubt one of the best acts of the night. Her delicate voice complements her angelic looks excellently, making her the absolutely perfect- singer on stage (of course). May your hearts be captured by her fairytale-like voice come this September at the Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival.

Yanagi Nagi doesn't use her image to appeal to fans. She can sing well and that's what I like about her

Hachioji-P (Sunday)

I missed his performance at Comic Fiesta last year. Not going to miss this one!

The Prince of Vocaloid Music will be returning to Singapore after charming the crowd for the past three AFAs. He is the world-famous producer behind top Vocaloid hits such as "Electric Love" and "Sweet Devil". He was also the first producer to feature new Vocaloids anon & kanon, released by Yamaha last year, with his single "Heart Chrome". Boasting three albums to his name, released consecutive yearly since 2012, his popularity does not seem to be waning anytime soon.

This song is good. Whenever Miku pauses while dancing (those 5 beats), I do the same too.

The first time I heard Hachioji-P was before STGCC 2013, when I was looking up livetune's works before the convention. Their collaboration, Weekender Girl, was an upbeat and bouncy track which caught my attention and I have been hooked on his music ever since. There are just these distinctive beats in his tracks which inexplicably invigorates you to move your body once you listen to them. His music comprises mostly of Vocaloid tunes although he has produced some songs for artistes such as AKB48's Mayu Watanabe and model-singer Shiina Pikarin (yes, I hope she comes too!).

Mayuyu... as charming as always (but Sasshi and Sakura are still best girls)

For those complaining about inhuman singing synthesisers, I'd suggest heading over to Moshi Moshi Festival. Vocaloid tracks are especially effective at getting you into a partying mood. Unwind, let out all your stress and enjoy yourself at the Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival!

Now this is where we come to an impasse because I am not very familiar with some of the artistes announced. You may read more about them on the official event site. However, I can still give you my honest first impressions of them!

Anna Yano (Sunday)

"With her cute smile and au naturel fashion..." You got me at cute smile! Not to mention that she looks extremely cute and pretty in that accompanying photo. What's "au naturel fashion" anyway? I see... non-elaborate fashion. That's interesting; her dressing is surely elegant. She has two anisongs to her name, produced by livetune!? She sang the opening themes to Mahou Shoujo Taisen and Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu. That was something new I learnt; I guess we can expect a live collaboration between livetune and Anna Yano. This is going to be so fun!

livetune's "Shape My Story" with Anna Yano on vocals

Need proof of her cuteness? Check.

#moshimoshinippon 待機中☆◾15點30分〜15點50分(MINI STAGE舞台拍照會)矢野杏奈◾16點30分〜18點:在DAM卡拉OK攤位,進行人氣人気個性角色對決【矢野杏奈、舟山久美子、椎名光】 テキサスで教えてもらったGIFのアプリがかわいい! やのあんなからの投稿
Posted by Anna Yano on Saturday, 13 June 2015

She pens her heartfelt thoughts in English too!

Todey is A-KON Day 3!!Today's menu↓2:00pm~…Autograph session@Crunchroll boothAnna waiting for everyone!!!!!Together funk last day♪
Posted by Anna Yano on Sunday, 7 June 2015

Together funk last day!

If you like all things kawaii (cute), Japanese fashion or if you're a fan of Anna Yano, come down to Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival and catch her perform live! I, for one, am interested to find out which songs she'll be singing and how it feels to attend her live performance!

CAPSULE (Saturday)

Yasutaka Nakata and Toshiko Koshijima make up CAPSULE

CAPSULE is a Japanese electronica duo formed by producer Yasutaka Nakata and vocalist Toshiko Koshijima in 1997. The group is certainly well-established, with 15 studio albums released to date. They have also been invited to perform at the world's largest electronic dance festival Ultra Music Festival, Rock in Japan Festival and Summer Sonic in Japan. Yasutaka is an acclaimed producer in his own right, having produced singles for eminent J-POP artists such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Perfume and DJs at Tokyo clubs regularly.

We took a listen to their latest single, "Another World". It's a track pulsating with energy and sounds like something that would get people grooving on the dance floor.

Their new track, "Wave Runner", off their latest album of the same name, is also another zappy party anthem, one that would have you tossing your hands in the air.

If you like electronic dance music from the likes of today's Avicii, Armin van Buuren and Hardwell, I can safely say that their brand of music will suit your palate. It's something similar yet different. Let your hair down at Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival with CAPSULE!

TEMPURA KIDZ (Saturday & Sunday)

Four girls and one boy - TEMPURA KIDZ

A Japanese pop dance group formed by four teenage girls and one boy, they originally performed as back-up dancers for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. They gained prominence in Japan and across the globe with their first music video "CIDERCIDER", racking up over a million views. Ever since, they have performed in front of thousands at sold-out venues across Japan including Nippon Budokan and the Summer Sonic Festival.

Averaging only 16 years of age, they have had their first international performance at Thailand's TOFU MUSIC FES 2014, went on to conquer Myanmar and even performed at Philippines' New Year's Eve countdown. Tempura Kidz certainly brings a different allure to Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival with their flamboyant outfits, talent for dancing and high energy. They will be performing on both days of the festival so don't miss this up-and-coming act!

TEMPURA KIDZ and Angry Birds collaboration

Shiina Pikarin

Bespectacled Pikarin in a sailor uniform is cute!

A popular model for Japanese teenage fashion magazine Popteen, Shiina Pikarin burst onto the music scene with her debut single "Shinryaku Pikarin Densetsu ☆". She describes herself as "a super hybrid girl who descended to Earth from the demon world". She followed it up with "Toroamachu", my personal favourite, a highly-addictive song about school love in which she dances in a school uniform. The track was produced by none other than Hachioji-P! Having declared her love for anime and cosplay despite her cute looks, Pikarin has gained a strong following with many wotas and otakus finding it easy to identify with her.

Aww... don't you just love the cute expressions she makes? Kyun!! ♥♥

In fact, she wasn't even announced to be performing in Singapore although I would really love to catch her live, having been smitten by her ever since the time I chanced upon her while researching on Hachioji-P. She is the epitome of cute, admittedly my biggest weakness and one of the reasons why I fell for Japanese pop culture. Please invite her to Singapore again, ASOBISYSTEM! Her last appearance in Singapore was at the Marble Wonderland stage by Asia Kawaii Way at AFA 2013, which I was unable to attend.

Pikarin released a photobook to commemorate turning 20 this year

She recently performed at Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival in Taipei along with fellow model-singer Anna Yano. The guests for the Singapore edition have yet to be fully announced so we can have hope that Pikarin will be back to enchant all the weak guys on this little sunny island again!

There will be photo sessions with Shiina Pikarin! We can't wait!

#moshimoshiSG Watch the first episode of "MILPOM★," a fun-filled anime series featuring the everyday life of the main...
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Be careful who's looking over your shoulder... (working on desktop only for now)

Did I mention that MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL in Singapore 2015 takes place over the weekend before STGCC 2015? It will be held on Sept 5 and Sept 6. Looks like the Japanese pop culture scene in Singapore just got more exciting and packed this year!


5& 6 Sept
*SCAPE Playspace (Level 1) and The Ground Theatre (Level 2)

MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL is organised by ASOBISYSTEM, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's management company. Their mission is to spread Japanese culture to the world by holding pop culture festivals introducing Japanese music, cuisine, fashion and technologies. In 2015, they will be embarking on world tour covering 8 cities- London, Paris, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Taipei, Singapore and Tokyo. The festivals in Bangkok and Taipei have concluded and were a resounding success.